Leaders in the delivery of community based and outreach allied health, aged care, wellbeing and disability services in regional, rural and remote Australia since 1993, NWRH harnesses the diversity, energy and professionalism of a large team of health care professionals to provide an array of healthcare services to your community or a community near you.

At NWRH we harness firm connections with more than 50 communities throughout Coastal Areas, North and West Queensland and the Gulf; relationships based on genuine understanding of local needs and cultural sensitivities.

The type and regularity of our services can vary between communities how-ever the services we offer are divided into the following categories:

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Clinician talking with client and looking at a brochure. Everyone seeking or receiving care from NWRH has certain rights and responsibilities. These include the right to respect, safety and privacy. You also have the right to access, participate and comment on the most appropriate care for your needs. For more information, refer to our Client Rights & Responsibilities.