Residential Aged Care Program

Aged Care FacilityNWRH is a registered provider of services under the My Aged Care Residential Aged Care Program.

Residential aged care is for older people who for a variety of reasons can no longer live at home. Those reasons can include illness, disability, bereavement, an emergency, the changing needs of their carer, family or friends, or because it is no longer possible to manage at home without help.

What residential aged care facilities do you have?

Normanton Kukatja Place, Residential Aged Care Facility.

We currently manage 40 Residential Aged Care places as follows:

  • 15 Residential places allocated to Kukatja Place in Normanton
  • 10 residential places allocated to Ngooderi House in Doomadgee
  • 15 residential places allocated to Kuba Natha Hostel on Mornington Island

How can I access residential aged care services?

Ngooderi House Doomadgee, , Judy Walden

If you are considering moving into an aged care home, you will first need an assessment with a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). A member of the ACAT will talk to you about your current situation and help you work out what your options are.

ACAT’s cover all of Australia and are based in hospitals or in the local community. To find your local ACAT or for more information about ACAT assessments, call 1800 200 422 or visit

Once you have completed the ACAT assessment, you will receive a letter to let you know if you have been approved as eligible for Australian Government subsidised aged care services. Your letter will tell you what type of services you are eligible for and approved to receive, as well as the reasons why. From here the next 4 steps you will be guided through include:

  1. Finding an aged care home
  2. Fees and charges
  3. Applying to an aged care home
  4. Living in an aged care home