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Corporate Strengths and Capabilities

NWRH’s capabilities to design innovative programs and purpose-built support systems provides clients and funders the flexibility to negotiate and develop tailored program formats, reporting mechanisms and funding breakdowns to achieve and exceed desired objectives.

A primary health care provider NWRH are a stand out in service delivery through:

Responsiveness – The harnessing of a series of tools and capabilities to allow service delivery teams to determine the causes of ill health in individual communities and address them in efficient and tailored manners.

Community Focus – Open-minded, inclusive and adaptable workplace practices with a focus on local capacity-building empowers communities and complements outreach services.

Local Approach – Establishing effective local relationships and integrating into the local community is critical for facilitating simplified health care entry and supporting the management of individual journeys through the health care system.

Extensive Experience – First-hand, intimate knowledge of the unique concerns, challenges, opportunities, cultural sensitivities and barriers facing individuals and communities in regional and remote areas ensures the successful delivery of Primary Health Care services.

NWRH Service Fee and Client Contributions Schedule 2017-2018

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NWRH is a Company Limited by Guarantee, currently managing over 20 individual grant contracts from various Commonwealth and State Departments, and not for profit organisations. Historically, NWRH has maintained this level of contract management over the last 10 years delivering both health programs to Central and North West Queensland and infrastructure programs throughout the Lower Gulf communities, particularly Normanton, Doomadgee and Mornington Island.

Throughout the administration of funding contracts, NWRH has always met contract-deliverable deadlines, managed funds in accordance with all regulations and maintained strong relationships with the various departments which have funded these programs. All of this has been completed while achieving our primary focus of developing collaborative and empowering relationships in communities in order to realise positive health outcomes.

The organisation undergoes a rigorous annual financial audit process and maintains an unblemished record of unqualified audits since establishment. NWRH remains in a strong financial position and has the ability to adjust to changing market conditions as a result of prudent fiscal management and strong governance applications. The company is proud of its history of complying with all aspects of contract deliverables, including financial acquittals.

The Company is overseen by a Board of Directors comprising six highly qualified persons who have experience in all aspects of corporate governance and health. To ensure strong governance and oversight of all elements of NWRH operations, the Board has a number of Sub-committees:

  • Audit and Risk
  • Cultural Advisory
  • Strategic Development and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Clinical Governance
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Change Management (established to ensure smooth transition out of Medicare Locals).

This multilayer approach to governance continues to provide transparency and insight into all elements of the organisation’s operation.

NWRH has taken a quality improvement approach to all elements of its operations. Careful planning and in-depth knowledge of the communities in which services are delivered, along with years’ of experience, allows early identification and mitigation of risks at the program development stage and throughout the programs’ lifecycles.

A long history of service provision within Central, North and West Queensland, Coastal areas and the Gulf has given NWRH a very comprehensive understanding of the unpredictability of the rural and remote communities they service, including the frequency of changes in the risk and project outcome landscape. Preparation, flexibility and responsiveness to this changing landscape have allowed them to continue to effectively deliver services and achieve health and wellbeing outcomes in unique and complex environments, and across ever-changing political and funding contexts.

All risk mitigation and financial management is executed through the Audit and Risk Board Sub-committee, ensuring oversight at the highest level of accountability within the organisation. Our risk management processes are compliant with AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 -– Risk Management.

Other Work Management Systems

Human Resources Information Systems

Through targeted investment in ‘right-fit’ software, our line managers have access to all the tools and information required for human resources decision-making. Our reporting suite incorporates performance management, leave management, training and registration compliance.

Financial Management System

NWRH uses Microsoft Nav (‘Navision’) for its financial platform. Navision is a versatile, fully integrated financial package that is tailored for all the company’s financial and contract management requirements. Navision is popular in the health industry due to its ability to financially manage a large number of grant programs, thus increasing efficiency in reporting and transaction monitoring. The company has managed over 30 individual contracts in any one financial year with Navision, and is very capable of handling any additional contract activity or an expanding program and service portfolio.

Client Information Management System

Client information is recorded and managed in Medical Director and supported by PracSoft, which manages client booking and Medicare billing. This provides a single point of client information, ensuring all staff have access to up-to-date client information. This user-friendly system complies with security and data storage requirements and also has auditing capabilities for added security and peace of mind when managing confidential client information.

Compliance management system

Throughout the delivery of programs, risk is monitored, reviewed and reassessed using the ‘Tickit on Demand” compliance management system.  Housing all identified risks, newly completed risk assessments and all incident reports, the system provides service delivery staff through to senior management with a single point of information for risk assessment and mitigation.

The reporting capabilities ensure that clear and concise reporting of essential data is facilitated throughout all layers of the organisation.

Activity Management System

Given the varied and unique nature of NWRH’s work, an activity reporting solution has been custom designed. Named “Clarity” for its ability to bring together and paint a clear picture of all elements of program and project delivery, this system provides a single platform for the recording of activity data. This includes Occasion of Service data, human resource demands and financial tracking of individual programs.


An important factor contributing to NWRH’s successful implementation of programs and services is the robust organisational infrastructure that has evolved through a long history of service delivery in some the most remote and disadvantaged regions of Australia. Through a suite of policies, procedures, work practices, software systems, plans and strategies, the efficacy of NWRH’s comprehensive organisational infrastructure is evidenced by current accreditation by the Quality Improvement Council in  7/7/2011 to 18/2/2014.

As a Primary Health Care Service provider NWRH is assessed and accredited against the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The ISO standards are recognised Internationally and are a part of NWRH’s strategy in delivering high quality and continually improving service.

This organisational infrastructure, incorporating rigorous control practices, ensures that when investment is made in NWRH, NWRH delivers quality services.

NWRH is also accredited under the following organisations:

  • Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (Australian Residential Aged Care Standards)-
  • Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL)-

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