Careers with NWRH

Serving Community, Making a Difference

A career in health is more than just a job- it’s a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. At NWRH, we are committed to delivering reliable allied health services to individuals and communities across rural, regional and remote Queensland. We are in a position to make a real difference in people’s lives, and the strong links we have with the community mean we often get to see the impact of our work first-hand.

This can be a demanding job, but it’s also an incredibly rewarding one. Our services fill a gap in the healthcare system, so we know that we are providing critical healthcare for those who may not otherwise have had access. No two days are the same, and you will learn diverse skills that will set you up for a career in health. And what’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to travel long distances throughout Queensland, taking in the beauty and culture of the outback.

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Our Indigenous Employment Policy​

NWRH continue their position of filling staff vacancies in service delivery with Indigenous Australian peoples where possible. Whilst NWRH has historically adopted this approach informally, this is now formalised as the NWRH Indigenous Employment Strategy.

The NWRH Indigenous Employment Strategy is a formal policy with procedures that prescribe a consistent approach to guard standards of best practice. In real time this means that Indigenous Australians are strongly encouraged to apply for all employment positions at NWRH. In some cases employment opportunities will be identified as positions to be filled by Indigenous Australians.

The Indigenous Employment Strategy (IES) is a sub-policy of the policy covering recruitment of all NWRH staff and will sit alongside any statement or strategy related to NWRH being an Equal Opportunity Employer. The IES will also ‘identify’ positions as Indigenous Australian pursuant to the provision of legislation within Federal and State legislation.

The NWRH Indigenous Employment Strategy (policy) focuses on three key areas of employment:

  1. Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous Australian Employees across all levels of employment;
  2. Development of Indigenous Australian employees;
  3. Development of Indigenous Cultural Competency for Non-Indigenous employees.

Come for the life experience, stay for the lifestyle

An ‘employer of choice’ when it comes to, professional development, remuneration, benefits, career development and workplace health and safety, NWRH employees share a commitment to delivering quality health outcomes for individuals and communities in rural, regional and remote Australia. Considering a career where you can make a meaningful difference? Apply for a role with NWRH.

We love our work

At NWRH, we love the work we do. We’re passionate about servicing rural, remote and regional communities, and are driven by a shared commitment to improving our patients’ quality of life.

We’re motivated by our patients and each other. NWRH has established strong links with our communities, and we love being able to see the difference our work can make in people’s lives.

Our services fill a gap in the healthcare system, granting people access to critical healthcare services they may not receive otherwise. We’re grateful to be in a position to help people in unconventional circumstances.

It’s challenging, but we make a difference

We work in rural, remote and regional communities, helping those who may not have access to healthcare and support otherwise. We get to see first-hand the impact our work has and feel rewarded by the difference we make.

Our work can see us operating over long hours and travelling significant distances to reach as many patients as we can. The outreach services we provide are an incredible way to experience the beauty and culture of outback Australia that most never get to see. Working one-on-one with clients enables you to learn to trust yourself in your professional decisions.

Growing personally and professionally

Our service delivery teams handle more complex and diverse caseloads than they might in a typical city or hospital system.

We treat the full spectrum of our clients’ health needs and no two days are the same.

The complex nature of our work allows our employees to grow, both personally and professionally. The skills you gain at NWRH will set you up for success throughout your career!

Our teams are diverse and multidisciplinary

NWRH is comprised of people from all walks of life. Our teams encompass a range of backgrounds, professions, abilities and more, which allows us to learn from each other’s perspectives.

We’re a culturally competent organisation with a commitment to equal opportunity and secure service delivery. NWRH’s Reconciliation Action Plan and Indigenous Employment Strategy both promote empowerment and provide a platform for the career development of Indigenous Australian employees.